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Short stories - action, murder, mayhem.

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'...meaty stuff. Well written, thoroughly nasty and intriguing with nice shock endings.'

'A satisfyingly appalling feast of highly unpleasant events.'

Reprinted from Man, Man Junior, Pocket Man, Squire, and more...

In Night Flight to Amsterdam, a millionaire's life depends on stealing another man's coat. In The Round Metal Tomb, a con escapes jail by being welded into a 44-gal drum. It seems the perfect ploy - until he discovers what the drum will be used for.
In So Very Lifelike, the wife of a wealthy taxidermist takes a lover. And learns what it means to stuff things up.
In Kidney Punch, a Mafia boss on dialysis makes the mistake of monstering a nurse.
In the celebrated SF epic, The Justice Wire, there's a diabolical switcheroo you'll never see coming.
In Come Down Killer, a gung-ho reporter ends up with a killer on top of an industrial chimney. Then there's Hot Shot, where who's up who becomes a matter of life and death.
And Split, where we meet a man who is equal to anything - from murder to nuclear war. (23,000 words)   Price just $1.99. Use our secure shopping cart here: