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Clint Smith

I've spent much of my life in multinational advertising agencies, writing campaigns for international brands. Commercial shoots have taken me to many countries and people as diverse as Edward De Bono and Ronnie Barker have fronted my campaigns.

My TV commercials won thirty Australian and international awards. My short stories and screenplays fourteen more.

After becoming a partner in my own advertising agency, I retired to write thrillers and documentaries. The thrillers, by the way, are extensively researched using military contacts and the first two were optioned for film.

I live in splendid isolation in a cul-de-sac in Sydney Australia. I ride a bike, lift weights and occasionally tramp scenic tracks.

My books are available from various distributors and eBook publisher, BUZZWORD BOOKS lists them all.

I avoid social media sites but you can read my occasional posts on the Buzzword Blog.

Austrian alps
 Walking in Austria.

Queenstown Mountain above Queenstown



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THE AD GAME: A former Mad Man tells it like it was!

How to write Level 28:

Okay. So you have a great deal to divulge about the end of life on earth and about rapacity being inimical to inner freedom. About attention and the approach to consciousness. About the difference between knowledge and understanding. About the utter reliance of AI on flawed humanity. So why write it as Science Fiction? Why not write it as contemporary philosophy?

The subtext of your book is that "direct means don't work". That the ignorance called violence provokes the equal and opposite reaction. That we need to transform our values and nothing less will make a difference. That we need a new kind of wish, direction and refinement of attention.

Golly gosh! You're going to slot that into a dystopian saga?

Careful. You could end up like me.

Level 28