New Jack Cross SF: In 3010, humanoids live underground like termites...

e-book cover for LEVEL 28

What if there were only 50 people left - people who had increased their lifespan to 300+ years?
  In the year 3010, this gerontocracy is preserved at the physical age of eighty. The privileged elders are maintained by robots and a eugenically streamed, short-lifespan humanoid underclass.
  Mark5, a sub-class Sex Cadet streamed to service women elders, will do anything to survive as he navigates his way through the carnage and collapsing infrastructure of earth's final brutal civilization.

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Top adventure thriller...

e-book cover for PROJECT THUNDER

Project Thunder is Smith's latest action blockbuster. You're on a scientific survey ship in the frigid North Sea. A ship that, for some reason, has a SWAT team on board. When the ship's attacked by armed insurgents in mid ocean, the team prevails. Until a hurricane sinks it off the frigid coast of Norway. And that's just the start. Non-stop action. Non-stop twists. And fully rounded characters that suck you in.

Meet the surveillance society...

e-book cover for THE FOURTH EYE

What would you do if you stumbled across the world's most closely guarded industrial secret? In The Fourth Eye, commercial photographer Colin Blake inadvertently learns about never-to-be-released technology - and finds himself on the petrochemical cartel's death list. But, unknown to the corporations, Blake has a devastating weapon - total recall - and uses it to screw the baddies. A page turner with non-stop action.

Gunship saga...

e-book cover for DEEP SIX

The sequel to The Fourth Eye. An aerospace tycoon who flies his personal C-130 gunship... An out-of-control Pentagon developing human robots... This techno-trip never stops. Blake joins forces with Braden and the unlikely pair of warriors, aided by Braden's much loved private gunship, tackle a high-tech conspiracy that could devastate half the globe.

Be careful who you offend

e-book cover for EXIT ALPHA

An ingenious spy thriller set in Antarctica. Ray Cain works for a covert organization called EXIT that guides world events by killing or replacing dangerous political figures with duplicates. Cain has replaced President Zia of Pakistan and is due to be retrenched because, like all such specialist agents, he is useless for anything else. Then, curiously, he is recalled for one more job.

A vendetta to end them all

e-book cover for THE GAME

Four 'innocents', lured to a remote island resort, are forced to compete against each other in a twisted, brutal game... Their host is a sadistic billionaire arms-dealer, a man whom they've all harmed in the past. He makes them play a game involving progressive humiliation, pain, mental torture and the ultimate destruction of the players. But there's a reward - twenty million dollars - winner take all.

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Sex and sedition in 3010

Mark5, a sub-class Sex Cadet streamed to service women elders, will do anything to survive as he navigates his way through the carnage of earth's final brutal civilization.

Future Shock

In the brutal 2080s, technology's turned feral. Enter a denuded overpopulated world where remarkable scientific advances are available only to the rich.

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Multi-award-winning short stories

An anthology of multi-award winning stories with interlocking characters set in the provincial Australian city of Ballarat - a town where what's going on isn't what's going on at all. Most stories have appeared in leading periodicals and stories in the collection have won ten literary awards. Now available as an eBook: $3.99

Shock and awe schlock

Originally published by Man, Man Junior, Pocket Man, Squire, and other men's periodicals. Nine thrilling, chilling tales - most published over the years in leading men's magazines - here collated for your pleasure.  What would happen if you were sealed inside a metal drum? Or had to fight a killer on top of a chimney stack? Or if you married a vindictive taxidermist? Find out here. Just $1.99

Entertaining chick-lit

Originally published by Women's Weekly, Cleo, Woman's Day, Argosy UK and ABC Books. Enchanting, funny, peculiar and romantic stories - most previously published in leading women's magazines and periodicals. Great for commuters or that summer holiday. The first prizewinning story, The Sandman, is worth the price of admission alone. Just $1.99

Mordant fun

Here's my latest collection. Grim, quirky tales with endings you won't see coming. Stories unusual, weird, impossible. And slightly mad. Strictly for adults with twisted minds. At just $1.99, what have you got to lose?

Young love in a fix

Fifty years ago, Sydney, was a kinder, slower place. But when a gormless just-married couple decide to live 26 miles from town, romance and reality clash. Australia in the fifties. Heartwarming, hilarious and true.

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New Australian Play

A middle-class family deconstructs because of each individual's inevitable flaws. Then the same events are re-lived - with one small but significant difference. One person slightly changes. And the outcome is completely different. If you could repeat a section of your life, what would be the result?

Free TV pilots

A half hour television comedy/drama series available for production for media students requiring projects. It comprises sometimes amusing but always droll tales based on the frustrated comment: "If I just had one wish, I'd..." What would happen if you did?