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Project Thunder

Smith's latest thriller - published by Buzzword Books

A mysterious probe from space crashes in the Australian outback. Every nation wants it because it contains weather-changing technology. This maritime thriller begins with a shipwreck in the frozen seas off Norway. And the twists keep coming. An adventure that never lets up.
Now available as an eBook: $3.99 ...more...


The Game

Psychological thriller set in New Zealand's Bay of Islands (published originally asThe God Game by Hazard Press)

Four innocents are enticed to what seems to be an island resort - only to discover that it's owned by a megarich arms dealer whom they've all inadvertently offended. He forces them to play an increasingly brutal game - a game only one can survive. Optioned for film and now available here as an eBook: $3.99



The Fourth Eye

Originally published by Hazard Press, New Zealand

What if there's a way to make engines run on water - and oil cartels will kill anyone who happens to discover what it is? When one man inadvertenly finds out, he confronts the surveillance society and everyone's out to kill him. Unfortunately for them, he has a devastating weapon - total recall. This thriller, twice optioned for film, is now available as an eBook: $3.99 


Exit Alpha

Published by HarperCollins, Australia

When the world's most secret intelligence agency starts to implode, anything can happen - and does! Exit is an intelligence agency specializing in the removal and replacement of problematic world leaders. And super-spy Ray Cain, who is about to retire, finds himself at the centre of a gathering storm in one of the most inhospitable locations on earth. A thriller with great reviews that continues to sell on word-of-mouth.


Deep Six

Published by HarperCollins, Australia

Sequel to The Fourth Eye. A mercenary with total recall teams up with a tycoon who flies his own C130 Gunship. This is a techno-thriller trip with a cast of believable characters, action that never stops and a story that includes a glossary of technical and military terms.


Songs of a Second World - Clinton Smith

Songs of a Second World

Published by Buzzword Books

An anthology of multi-award winning stories with interlocking characters set in the provincial Australian city of Ballarat - a town where what's going on isn't what's going on at all. Most stories have appeared in leading periodicals and stories in the collection have won ten literary awards. Now available as an eBook: $3.99  ...more...


Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines

Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines

Originally published by Man, Man Junior, Pocket Man, Squire, and other men's periodicals.

Nine thrilling, chilling tales - most published over the years in leading men's magazines - here collated for your pleasure. Perfect reading for train commutes or that interstate flight: What would happen if you were sealed inside a metal drum? Or had to fight a killer on top of a chimney stack? Or if you married a vindictive taxidermist? Find out here. Just $1.99


Romantic Stories from Women's Magazines

Romantic Stories from Women's Magazines

Originally published by Women's Weekly, Cleo, Woman's Day, Argosy UK and ABC Books.

Enchanting, funny, peculiar and romantic stories - most previously published in leading women's magazines and periodicals. Great for commuters or that summer holiday. The first prizewinning story, The Sandman, is worth the price of admission alone. Just $1.99 


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